Home Secrets – Six Tips That Make A Difference

We keep being fascinated by those ideas which reveal alternative uses for products that we have at home and which we usually associate with a single purpose only. These are small home secrets that can make the difference when you are convinced solution lies elsewhere. Here are a few more such interesting ideas.

Let’s start with cheap vodka which, believe it or not, can bring a solid contribution to household works. For instance, add a teaspoon each of vodka and sugar to water to keep freshly cut flowers looking great.  The vodka kills the bacteria that would otherwise grow in the water, and the sugar provides nutrients the flowers need to thrive. At the same time, a small spray bottle with vodka and water is the perfect solution for cleaning your glasses and makes a great window-cleaning solution.  Combine vodka and water in a spray bottle and use newspapers for a perfect, streak-free finish!

If you cannot stand the pills that take shape on a sweater, then find a solution where you expect the least. Gently run the textured side of a new sponge across your knits to remove the tiny balls that exasperate you.

We have all broken nails when trying to add a key to a tight ring. But there’s end to all of this: to add to your key ring, wedge a staple remover’s teeth between the coils, then clamp down to separate them — a new key will slide on easily.

It strikes when you are in the greatest hurry: a knotted necklace. So eager are you to do away with this problem that you even risk breaking the piece of jewelry. Next time, to prevent this, just thread each chain along a straw like the one we use for soft drinks and hook the clasp. This is also a very efficient idea to carry your jewels when travelling.

Speaking of jewels, isn’t it true you often turn to someone in the house when trying to fasten a bracelet. For a tough-to-fasten bracelet: Unfold clip into an S; hook one end through the jump ring and hold the other end. Then bring the clasp around to latch. Here is an image to get it right.

secrete din acasa home tips 2

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