Natural Home Fragrances. Healthier, Cheaper Alternatives to Store Products

There are all kinds of home fragrances in stores, that come in all shapes and sizes, but if you prefer a natural product to be sure of its content and of its being safe, you can make your own. You can use fruit, flowers or, the most efficient solution, aromatic oil, on 100% natural supports that are at hand. Here are six natural home fragrances you can easily fix yourselves.

Lemon home fragrance

Put water, baking powder and lemon juice in a small pot and boil them together. Let the mixture cool down, put it in a spraying container and use it around the house. It will smell clean and fresh.

Natural home fragrances. Lavender

Mix dry lavender, baking powder and a few drops of essential lavender oil in a mason jar. Shake it well and leave it without a lead spread that calming fragrance in the room.


Keep some eucalyptus branches in a vase. They will fill the room with that fresh odor and make a nice decor too. You can also put the dry leaves in a jar and leave it in the bathroom.

Natural home fragrances. Tea bags

In smaller rooms, used tea bags will work just fine. Just let them dry on a saucer. If you want a more intense aroma, use them as support for a drop of essential oil.


So popular in the kitchen, especially during winter holidays, cinnamon can spread its flavor all around the house. Just put a few cinnamon sticks in a mason jar and put it in your living room. Or boil them with some apple peel, orange zest and cloves. This mixture will really get the holidays atmosphere going.

Natural home fragrances. Fir tree cones

Nicely placed on a plate or in a basket, fir tree cones make a nice decor on your coffee table or nightstand. But they can also bring a nice fragrance in the room. Just drip some essential oil with your favorite aroma on them.


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