How to whiten your yellowed pillows

Undoubtedly, the bedroom is the room in the house where we spend most of our time. In addition, the specialists claim that we spend a quarter of our lives asleep, so our bed must always be clean and tidy. Recently, we discussed how often bed linen should actually be changed. And we found out HERE what the specialists ‘ advice is. Then, we saw HERE how to wash the bed linen, to keep them white and soft.

Today, we come back with a new trick and find out how whiten pillows, using a simple but efficient method.

How to whiten your yellowed pillows

Even if they are washed and kept in the best conditions, the pillows are going to change their collor. Especially during the summer when sweating stains the sheets, causing those unsightly yellow spots. To get rid of unpleasant odors, the pillows must be washed at least 4-5 times a year and left to dry in fresh air. To regive them the white color from the beginning you need the following ingredients:

  • 20 grams laundry detergent or a liquid detergent capsule;
  • 20 ml dishwashing detergent;
  • 15 ml chlorine or any other bleach.

Put all the ingredients above in the washing machine, put the pillows in the machine and use the usual program for lingerie, at the temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. After the machine has completed its washing program, start the rinsing program. To completely get rid of chlorine and detergent residues, repeat the rinsing process at least twice. You can use the same method for the white towels that have changed their color, as well as for the bed sheets.


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