Modern House Plans – 3 examples

After we discussed at the beginning of the week about projects of houses on a metallic structure and about wooden houses projects of, we return today with 3 modern houses plans, ideal for young people, but not only.

Modern House Plans

The first project is a house with a usable area of almost 212 sqm, with a beautiful architecture that favors outdoor spaces in the upper plane. The facades draw through geometric games, along with surfaces decorated with natural stone. The ground floor offers enough space, structured divers, here making room and a bedroom with private bathroom. Upstairs there are two other bedrooms, one with access to a spacious terrace, which overlaps the living room on the ground floor. The keyprice of this house is almost 89,000 euros.

Modern House Plans

The second project is a house with a usable area of 140 square meters. It is a house with a simple, compact design that integrates a garage on the ground floor with ornate facades with brick and lavish stained surfaces. The ground floor comes inthe form of a single open space comprising the three classic rooms, living room, dining room and kitchen, opening on a back terrace. Upstairs are three bedrooms, enough to respond to the needs of a classic family, with two children. The price of this Hhouse is almost 60,000 euros.

Modern House Plans

The third house has four bedrooms and is a perfect one for a numbered family. At the entrance there is a study desk on the left, and from the lobby it arrives in the living room. There is a room in which you can arrange a spacious dressing, but also a housekeeping area. Then there’s a spacious open space kitchen with a dining area and a place where you can stay with the family watching TV. The four bedrooms are arranged upstairs, and there are two bathrooms in the middle. Also, the garage is a big one that can keep two cars.


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