How to Fold a Bunny-Shaped Napkin. Accessible Decorations for the Easter Table

Folding napkins into different shapes allows you to decorate any festive dinner table without extra spending. You only need to follow a few simple steps and you have a small, pretty decoration that wonțt take up extra space on your table either. Another plus is that your decoration will be there for show and then turned back into a useful accessory. We’ll show you how to fold a bunny-shaped napkin for an Easter or just spring themed dinner or lunch.

You should choose some thin paper napkins, colored differently, for a joyful decor. They fold easily to get your table filled with cute bunnies with their ears up.

Watch how to fold a bunny-shaped napkin in this video.


How to fold a bunny-shaped napkin

For starters, we’ll unfold the napkin into a square on the table. Then we fold it in half once and once more.

Each half from the center of it’s longer side will be folded along an imaginary line in the middle of our napkin.

Then take the corners formed down and fold them towards the center to form a rhombus. Fold the down sides inwards so they are aligned on a middle line.

Now our napkin looks like a kite and we turn it on the other side. We fold the upper half downwards and then turn the napkin upside down so we have the bunny with its ears up. We make it sit by folding the side angles into each other.

We tie some string around it to make some whiskers.

You can also use a marker to draw its eyes and some teeth.


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