How To Use The Fridge In An Ingenious Manner

The classic role of a fridge is well-known to all of us. What we don’t know though are those little tricks that can make our lives easier, all of them having the fridge as a central element. So here is how to use the fridge in an ingenious manner so that the appliance gets new useful valences.

Place an egg carton bottom in one of your door shelves to hold your condiments in place upside down. You’ll never have to shake, shake, shake to get ketchup to the top of the bottle again!

Kids using more cups than you can keep up with? Try this trick: fridge magnet cups! They can put them on the fridge between uses so they always know where their cups are.

Securely suspend bottles and small jars from the top of your fridge using bottleLoft strips (strips with strong magnets). They help you save more space in the fridge while the bottles are more accessibile this way.

There’s nothing worse than getting a rip in your stockings — but tossing them in the freezer can actually help extend their life. Get your new tights wet, squeeze out as much water as you can, stick them in a plastic bag, and freeze for about 12 hours. Let them dry and come to room temperature before your first wear.

A snug pair of shoes is everyone’s nightmare, especially since you just bought them. Luckily, you can stretch them out a bit. Fill a sealable plastic baggy with water, seal tightly, stick it in the shoe and put it in the freezer overnight. The baggy will probably be stuck to the shoe, so carefully remove it (use a butter knife if need be) without letting the bag break. Repeat process once more if necessary.

If you stepped in gum, one easy way to remove it is to put a piece of paper over the gum and freeze the shoe for 1-2 hours. The frozen gum should come off your shoe with ease.

If you have a fine sweater, but it sheds way too easily, put it in a sealable plastic bag and freeze it overnight. It’ll help prevent those stray fibers from ending up everywhere.

Before you sharpen your pencil eyeliner or any other type of pencil, stick it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. That way, when you sharpen it, the point will be as precise as possible.

If you’re a passionate romantic, here is a way to prolong the life of candles. Freezing candles before use can actually extend their life quite a bit — up to double the burning time!


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