How to Grow an Avocado Tree from Seed

No food is healthier than the one you cultivate yourself. But unfortunately, we can’t all enjoy our own garden. However, there are certain foods that we can cultivate in the apartment, such as different fruits and vegetables. Today, we share with you how you can grow an avocado from a grain. Continue reading to see how simple it is.

Undoubtedly, the avocado fruit is extremely healthy and is recommended to be consumed by those who want a balanced diet. It contains the “healthy fats” that our body needs for optimum development. Avocado is an exotic fruit, but can be grown at home without any problems. All you need is a grain that comes from a fruit you’ve already consumed, a glass of water and some wooden chopsticks. Find out from the ranks below how to proceed to grow an avocado from a seed.

How to Grow an Avocado Tree from Seed

All you have to do is extract, carefully, the seed from a mature and ripe fruit and clean it thoroughly from pulp debris. You can use a fine toothbrush or you can clean it carefully with your hand. It is important to note that the seed should not present injuries.

Then, with the help of wooden chopsticks, the seed must be suspended above a glass of water-a third of it must be in the water. The last step is the establishment of the glass in a bright and warm place, but away from direct sunlight. Periodically, the water level must be completed. Normally, between two and six weeks, the seed should develop root and strain.

After the strain has grown sufficiently and the first two leaves appear, the stem must be cut from half and left to grow again. Thus, the crown of the plant will be richer. After this period, it is put in a pot with well-weighted and drained soil and is preserved in a warm place. If you move it to the garden, make sure you move it back into the house when temperatures are less than 12 degrees Celsius.

Below, you can watch a video that shows you step by step the procedure. Here are the images that prove it’s very simple to grow an avocado from seed:

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