How to choose the best pork

Undoubtedly, pork dishes are a must for Christmas. And while some prepare various meals in their own household, others buy the meat from the store to cook it at home. Continue reading to find out how to choose fresh pork.

How to choose the best pork

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure that you identify the veterinarian’s stamp on the pork;
  • One important thing to know is the following: Fresh meat must not stick to the fingers, but must be strong, in a rosy colour, with dense fibers;
  • Make sure that the fat is white or a pink-white, soft, and at the touch leaves a greasy sensation;
  • Depending on the age of the pig, the meat has another color. Thus, in young pigs, the meat is pink-whitish and has a soft consistency, while in old pigs, the meat is in a darker color, a dark red and has a strong consistency;
  • Also, when you press the meat, it must quickly return to its original shape, if fresh;
  • As for keeping it, the pork should never be kept in plastic or paper bags, but in polyester trays covered with cellophane. The temperature to be kept must be between 0 and 7 degrees Celsius, in order to maintain its qualities for a longer time;
  • It is advisable to never buy spicy or marinated meat because some sellers apply such treatments to bad quality or even altered, precisely to mask the smell;
  • Although most buy meat from the butcher shop, believing that it is fresher, veterinary inspectors recommend the packaged meat, which has the term of validity inscribed;
  • Do not buy meat preparations with cracked membrane, with gaps in composition, with accumulation of fat or water under the membrane;
  • As for the consumption of pork, never opt for pork in blood because you risk getting sick of serious illnesses like trichinlosis.

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