How many times can you reuse your frying oil?

Many of us prefer fried food, and this is not something news. Whether we eat it often and do not keep in mind that they are, as we all know, unhealthy, whether we eat it infrequently, precisely for this reason, fried food is found in the nourishment of many of us. But the oil we use when we fry different foods can make a slight difference, the end result being healthier. So, if you really want to fry certain foods, it’s important to know that there’s a less damaging way to do that.

How many times can you reuse your frying oil?

It is advisable to cook the food in the oven or on the grill and also eat foods in their raw state (vegetables, fruits etc), but if you want to fry them, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the type of oil. Thus, choose a less damaging oil and which is indicated for frying. Although the most popular type of oil used is sunflower oil, it is not recommended to be used for roasting. Instead, opt for soybean oil, grape oil, rapeseed oil, refined coconut oil, unrefined palm oil or, last but not least, for refined avocado oil. 

How many times can you reuse your frying oil?

As for the use of oil more than once, doctors say that this is very dangerous. They warn us that when we reuse the oil, it exuds toxic carcinogenic substances. Thus, the oil should only be used once in cooking. If you fried eggs in the morning, for example, you can’t fry something at lunch using the same oil.
In conclusion, although when we eat at the restaurant, most likely food was cooked in the same oil with other types of food, at home, it is recommended to use a certain amount of oil at time. And the most recommended oil is palm oil because it resists to temperatures of 230 degrees, being easily absorbed and digested. It also brings benefits to the body, having a high vitamin A content and E and being a rich source of beta carotene.



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