How to defrost chicken the safe way

Although it seems trivial, when it comes to defrosting various meat products, there are many rules that many people do not respect, thus being exposed to getting ill. That is precisely why it is not the first time we have approached this subject. 

The chicken meat is different from the other types of meat because even though it freezes very quickly, it takes a very long time to defrost it. Among the most popular ways to defrost meat is to put in boiling water or using the microwave, both methods not being recommended. So avoid how much you can to use them because the meat will lose its properties and become harmful.

How to defrost chicken the safe way

Before you see what the indicated method is, let’s see what happens if we defrost the chicken in the microwave. If you use this method, certain parts of the meat will have the properties changed, and the protein intake will be much lower. As for the method using hot water or at room temperature, it is not recommended because the flesh loses its quality, and the risk that it is infected increases at high temperatures, especially in the summertime.
The most indicated method to defrost the chicken is to let it defrost in the refrigerator. So, at least 24 hours before you cook it, remove the meat from the freezer and leave it in the refrigerator until it is completely unfrozen. Although the process is long and takes at least 24 hours for it to be completely defrosted, this is the healthiest method.
In the end, we want to share some advice regarding the freezing of meat (of any kind, not just chicken). When you want to put meat in the freezer, choose small portions (if you have a large piece, cut it and freeze it separately, in smaller pieces) because once you have defrosted a piece of meat, you can not freeze it again – there is a risk that it becomes toxic.

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