Four Personal Care Gadgets For A Swell Image

We live in an era in which image does matter. It says a lot more about yourself than you could express in thousands words. For a better and more efficient social interaction, we recommend you four self-care gadgets for a swell image. The rest will take care of itself.

It is summer and it is hot. This is when your body needs attention the most. For a successfully completed mission, turn to a multifunctional body care device exclusively made for men. It is conceived to provide the most comfortable haircut and shaving possible so that the skin feels soft and healthy. It has five settings for different hair lengths on your body and can be used continuously for 50 minutes after just an hour’s time charging.


Another gadget, slimmer, is the optimal alternative to various manual and electrical face devices. Specially made for the body, this gadgets comes with a unique skin protection system and a slim modern design which makes it very easy to use on small sensitive skin areas or while travelling. With a unique structure, which includes a hair cutting machine and a bi-directional 3 mm comb, this instrument can catch and cut hairs even when they grow in different directions. Most important, the device doesn’t need any lubricants to provide optimal results.


And since we only spoke about gentlemen, let’s now take a brief look at a gadget made for women this time. The complexion is constantly submitted to external attacks, such as pollution and sun exposure. Give it back the young, clean and fresh appearance by turning to such a device which takes care of your complexion. It massages your skin, stimulating blood circulation, while removing dead cells and facilitation the renewal of the others. Studies have shown about 95 % of the women who tried this device noticed a sudden improvement of their complexion quality.


You can’t pretend to seek the best image unless you keep weight under control. This Withings Smart Body Analyser Wifi Scale will give you an accurate weight recording, along with body fat measurements, Body Mass Index (BMI), heart rate readings and information on air quality and the day’s weather. The scales feature automatic user recognition for up to eight users so they know who they are weighing and they will also help you position yourself properly for the most accurate weigh in with the Position Control function.


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