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Brick remains an option largely used when it comes to either building or ornamental materials. It gives a home durability, comfort and elegance, regardless of the environment where it is built, making it easily stand out thanks to its unmistakable look. Combined with wood and stone, brick completes the façade of a house, lending a character bursting with personality, as we will see in the examples below. So here are some brick house plans.

The first plan shows a house with an integrated garage spreading on a living area of 180 square meters. The house stands out thanks to facades richly clad in brick, including the pillars, in stark and pleasant contrasts with the rest of the surfaces. The ground floor packs open living areas, spilling outside into a semi-circular patio, with the rest of the space completed by a bathroom, a study and a technical room. Three bedrooms lie upstairs, one of them with access to a balcony. The turnkey price for this house on a metal framing rises to about 81,000 Euros.

Brick house plans

Brick house plans – visually enriched facades

Case din caramida Brick house plans 2 Case din caramida Brick house plans 3 Case din caramida Brick house plans 4

The second plan shows a house entirely clad in brick. Unitary from a chromatic perspective, the apparently Scandinavian style house spreading on 118 square meters catches the eye thanks to the well-arranged glass insertions which open it to the exterior. The house is practically structured in two halves, more or less equal in size: the first one houses day spaces, connected to a 60 square meter terrace, while the second packs three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a technical room. The house sells for an estimated 50,400 Euros.

Brick house plans

Brick house plans – generous spaces on a single level

Case din caramida Brick house plans 10

The third detailed plan shows a modern two story house spreading on a total living area of 141 square meters. It is a house made of brick and wood which blend in full harmony both on the inside and outside, producing a home with a superior aesthetic value, easily distinguishable. On the ground floor, the house combine in a practical manner day time spaces with a bedroom which can also serve as a study, all completed by a patio covered by a superb wooden pergola. On the first floor, three bedrooms share two balconies, under small, but visual wooden design elements which give the place a natural and friendlier look. The house sells for an estimated price of 62,500 Euros.

Brick house plans

Brick house plans – brick and wood in perfect harmony



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