Designing a Barbecue Spot. 9 Superb Ideas For Your Outdoor Sanctuary

All this fine weather announcing the long summer ahead makes a great appetite for outdoor dining. And since the weather allows you to enjoy a meal in your backyard at any time of the day, you should have a place just for that. So here are a few superb ideas for designing a barbecue spot. 

Rustic patio

This lovely brick patio is equipped with two grills, hammock and lovely fabric shades. It also features a lot of greenery.

designing a barbecue spot

Stone Mediterranean-like outdoor kitchen

Here’s another design in an obvious rustic note, which you can easily apply in a corner of your backyard, especially if you have a stone fence. It will give your garden a medieval or Mediterranean charming air. The setting includes a barbecue on wood, as well as a traditional oven for bread or pizza.

designing a barbecue spot

Designing a barbecue spot. Summer kitchen and dining

This spacious patio with pergola includes dining table and kitchen with gas grill, range, sink, refrigerator, long countertop and bar.

designing a barbecue spot

Here’s another outdoor dining room, with such an elegant and welcoming design. It has flagstone flooring, classic indoor dining furniture and it’s wrapped in drapes that offer wind and heat protection.

designing a barbecue spot

This is an even more formal space design, very appropriate for celebrations. The beautiful brick barbecue has to be placed just inside the cover, to keep the party going even when it rains.

designing a barbecue place

Luxury BBQ place by the pool

This particular spot by the pool offers a great atmosphere, particularly for evening and night reunions. It’s decorated with three chandeliers, their light reflecting in the water, and includes a fully equipped kitchen with grill, a large table, lounge and fireplace.

designing a barbecue place

Designing a fireplace. Outdoor living

This porch was conceived like an outdoor informal living room. There’s a large kitchen island with grill and rotisserie to prepare all kinds of dishes to enjoy on an outdoor movie night in front of the fireplace.

designing a barbecue place

Contemporary design

If none of the classic or rustic designs are for you, you might feel inspired by this modern approach. The matching barbecue and flooring are made from limestone and the sitting is especially chosen for outdoor dining.

designing a barbecue place

A spot with everything

This design should offer you the complete by-the-pool experience for a whole summer day. It features fully equipped kitchen with grill and bar inside this solid, elegant gazebo and a picnic table under an umbrella on the side.

designing a barbecue place


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