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Herbs were the original household cleaners, disinfectants, and bug repellents. They had been used for thousands of years with good results before chemical products to that effect were available. Here are 5 plants that keep flies and mosquitos away just as effectively as chemical products. Plus they are better for the environment and also make a better environment for your home.


Colored in yellow, orange or dark red and yellow, marigolds look really lovely in a garden or pot all summer long. They also have a distinct smell that repels mosquitoes, so place potted marigolds near mosquito entry-points, such as doors and windows or on a deck or balcony where you spend a lot of time outdoors. They also deter insects that prey on tomato plants – an added bonus for gardeners.

plants that keep flies and mosquitos away

Plants that keep flies and mosquitos away. Basil

By far the most popular herb in gardens and in kitchens around the world, basil is a favorite in pots and flower beds near doors and windows. Not only is it great for cooking and for its wonderful aroma, but basil is also a natural repellent against flies and mosquitoes. Moreover, basil absorbs all kinds of toxins in your indoor air, is antibacterial, antifungal and one of the few plants that releases oxygen for as long as 20 hours a day.

plants that keep flies and mosquitos away


In addition to smelling lovely, aiding in relaxation and promoting restful sleep, lavender repels fleas, moths, mosquitoes and flies. It’s perfect for ornamental planting around doors and under windows, and the dried flowers can also be placed in wardrobes.

plants that keep flies and mosquitos away

Plants that keep flies and mosquitos away. Bay laurel

Leaves of the bay laurel are another great pest deterrent. Not only does this popular herb repel flies, it can also be used to keep moths out of closets, mice and roaches out of your pantry, and bugs out of grains and cereals. It can be grown in pots outdoors in summer to be brought in during the colder months. Bay leaves can also be dried and bundled to hang near doors and windows or to be dropped into bags of grain.

plants that keep flies and mosquitos away


Rosemary is great for cooking and grilling and has a number of uses medicinally and as a household herb. As it grows it repels mosquitoes. Try planting it around your patio or any area that you use in the evenings to keep the air smelling fresh and the mosquitoes away. Rosemary also repels cats, so planting it around the kids sandbox is a good idea.

plants that keep flies and mosquitos away

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