How to Care for Azaleas and Keep Them for Years

One of the most popular houseplants, the azalea is cherished for its exotic aspect, beautifully shaped bush and the colors of its flowers. The azalea (Rhododendron) is originary from East Asia (Japan, Nepal, China, North Korea, Vietnam), North America (Florida) and Europe. Azalea symbolizes temperance and balance and in Chinese tradition it represents femininity.  Reputedly, it attracts good luck , so don’t hesitate to offer it to a close person that has important decisions to make  or goes through hard times.  This is how to care for azaleas and keep them blooming in your home for years. 

First of all, place the pot in a safe place if you have pets. Azalea is toxic to cats and dogs so keep it out of their reach.

But, the azalea is in fact one of the healthiest houseplants to own. Find out HERE why and where it’s best to place it.

Light and temperature

Azaleas have to be placed in a shady, cool place, away from direct sunlight. You can grow it outside from April to October, if the weather conditions are right. The best temperature is 73 – 77 degrees in daytime and not lower than 62 degrees at night.

How to care for azaleas. Soil

Azaleas prefer acidic soil.  A mixture of acidic peat, coniferous barks, forest soil and sand would be ideal. If you buy it already prepared, make sure its PH is 5 – 5.5.

Watering and fertilizing

Azalea doesn’t tolerate calciferous water, so it’s essential that you provide it with rainwater or tap water, boiled and chilled. The water should be at room temperature or even 4 – 6 degrees higher. In summertime, provide it with a large quantity of water and keep the soil moist.

Fertilizers should be applied twice a month while the azalea is blooming (April-May). Stop using them all together starting September when the plant goes dormant.

How to care for azaleas. Trimming

To ensure you azaleas a harmonious growth, you should remove dried leaves after the blooming period, as well as trim the overgrown branches. After blooming, the azalea is in growth and, during August – September, new buds that will bloom in spring form.


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