Flowers Planted in May. A Few Varieties to Complete Your Flower Garden With

Most flowers that fill your garden with color and perfume all summer long are planted in April, but some of them can be or should be planted this month. Here are some flowers planted in May you can complete your garden with. 

Corn flowers

May is the best time for planting corn flower bulbs. The best place in the garden is one with light, fertile, well drained soil, that doesn’t allow water stagnation, which would lead to bulbs rotting. It’s best to choose a sunny or partially sunny spot for an abundant blooming. Before planting, plough the soil 8 inches deep and add fertilizer if necessary. Plant the bulbs 4 inches deep and 8 – 12 inches away from one another.

flowers planted in May

Flowers planted in May Lillies

The lilly also prefers well drained, fertilized soil, in sunny spots, but not in full sunshine. The bulbs are to be planted 12 – 14 inches away and 8 inches deep. There should be smaller plants growing among them to keep their roots humid and cool. During growth, you should water the plants thoroughly, once a week, and fertilize the soil.

flowers planted in May



Those spectacular flowers should be planted in sunny spots, with well drained soils, keeping a 20 – 23 inches spacing between rows and 12 – 14 inches between the plants. Add around half a kilo of manure and leaf fertilizer in the hole before placing the plant. The roots should be 10 – 12 inches into the ground, and the knot between them and the stem should be buried 2.3 – 3 inches deep.

flowers planted in May

Flowers planted in May. Daisies and poppies

Include some “wild” flowers in your garden and you will make lovely bouquets with them in summer. Daisies are perennials while poppies spread their seeds and reproduce all over the garden naturally. You should plant them together, for a really pretty look, by mid-May.

flowers planted in May


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