The Best Romanian Pepper Cultivars for the Main Types

You can’t have Romanian cuisine without peppers, so you can’t have a vegetable garden without them. The bell, ruffled, cubanelle and chili peppers are irreplaceable in a lot of traditional dishes, and if you like them and decided to grow them all, here are the best Romanian pepper cultivars.

Bell peppers

Buzau bell pepper (BZ318): It has a cylindrical shape, with quarter lobes, it weighs 90 – 100 grams, is 7 mm thick and colored yellow – orange.

Barsan bell pepper: Semi-early cultivar with conic-shaped fruit, colored greenish-yellow and weighing 95-120 grams.

The best Romanian pepper cultivars. Long peppers

Elephant ear: It’s a semi-late cultivar from Moldavia that grows up to 80 – 100 cm. The fruit is thin, long, pulpy and sweet.

Bogdan: Produces 20 centimetre red fruit with a 5.5 mm pulp.

Long from Isalnita: Produces 13 – 15 cm long fruit, with a 4.5 mm thick pulp, colored red. One plant produces around 15 fruit.

The best Romanian pepper cultivars. Ruffled peppers

Dambroca Giant: It bears large fruit, with a strong, sweet taste. They weigh around 150 grams.

Ruffled pepper from Baltesti: It’s an old cultivar from Neamt, Moldavia, with large, pulpy fruit, very tasty, on plants that grow up to 80 cm.

Cornel 209 and Asteroid 204 are the most frequently grown and appreciated ruffled pepper cultivars in Romania. They bear large fruit (120 – 250 grams), round and battered, dark red, shiny, with a juicy, crunchy texture. The pulp is as thick as 9 – 12 mm.

Chili peppers

Orange chili pepper: From Oltenia (south), it’s very spicy and has a strong flavor.

Sweet chili pepper: A very productive and resistant cultivar from Moldavia, it’s used to make sweet paprika. It bears 12 – 15 cm long, pretty thick fruit.

Chili pepper from Bucharest: It produces 10 cm long fruit, 2 cm in diameter, crunchy, with a hearty pulp, green until they are ripe, and dark red after.

“7 frati” (7 brothers): Plants from this cultivar are generally grown in pots, as they are highly decorative. The fruit are small, pointy and very spicy.

VL 341: From Valcea department (south), it’s a very productive cultivar, whose plants reach 45 cm in height and produce 8.5 cm long, red, very spicy fruit.

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