Why You Shouldn’t Take The Trash Out At Night. Funny Home and Garden Superstitions

Superstitions are derived from ancient beliefs and passed down from generation to generation within a people. Whether we like them or not or attach any importance to them whatsoever, we always hear or just remember all kinds of superstitions, whether it’s when important events in our lives, such as an exam or wedding, take place, or just everyday small events. We put together a few to let you know why you shouldn’t take the trash out at night, what you have to do when you lose something around the house and what to plant in your garden for good luck.

Why you shouldn’t take the trash out at night

It’s said that if you take the garbage out at night or beat the dust out of the carpets before sunset, you throw away your good fortune and you won’t have any luck with money.

It’s also bad luck to put the laundry out to dry after sunset.

Sweeping right after your guests leave and are still on their way home is no good as well. And if you sweep before a meal, housework won’t go as smoothly.

But there’s another superstition which says that sweeping and taking out the trash at night will bring you the visit of a stranger.

Other home superstitions

When moving in a new home, you shouldn’t bring your old broom, because you bring in all the bad luck from the past. It’s also bad luck to borrow or lend a broom.

What you should do when moving in is bring a new broom, a coin and coal and scatter some salt on the doorsill.

But if you happen to spill salt or leave scissors open, you will get into a fight.

It’s also believed that, if you make the bed with someone else, you’ll get into a fight with that person. You’re supposed to make the bed by yourself, without any interruptions. And not making the bed on a Sunday is said to bring bad luck.

Any dish that gets chipped should be thrown away immediately, because it’s also bad luck for the home.

When you lose something around the house and fail to find it, you should put a glass upside down and look again, according to another superstition.

Superstitions in the garden

When seeing and saying hi to a neighbour, you should never shake hands over the fence.

Ivy growing on the house is said to protect it and the family. It’s also said to bring good fortune in a marriage if worn by the bride.


Sambucus planted around the house is also believed to be protective and it’s supposed to bring good luck to bring good luck to copuples who wear it on their wedding day.

The juniper, with its needles, is said to keep burglars away.

Anyway, it’s the general belief that planting a tree in the yard brings good luck: birch should bring the family happiness, aspen – good friends, walnut – health and the oak – true love.

On the contrary, the fir tree is supposed to bring bad luck. If you want it in your garden nevertheless, don’t plant just one.

Having lovage in the garden is good luck, but it only grows for those who are hardworking, it is said.

Jasmin brings good luck and money.

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