How to Choose a Hot Tub for a Dream Spa at Home

Our work routine is more and more stressful, increasing the need to relax with weekend escapes, vacations or exercise. But what if we had some instant relaxation method to apply at home? This is how hydro massage can help and how to choose a hot tub to benefit from it whenever we have 15 minutes to ourselves.

We’re talking about a tub or pool built with orifices through which hot air or water jets are pushed inside. The water is permanently filtered and there’s an interrupted cycle: you have hot water coming in and the cooled one going out, maintaining the same level and temperature.

A hydro massage session should last 15 – 20 minutes.

Hydro massage is delicate but has a strong effect of relaxing your whole body. It also has multiple benefits for our health overall:

  • treats muscular, articular and bone pain
  • improves blood flow
  • stimulates metabolism, contributing to loosing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight
  • stimulates good quality sleep
  • contributes to eliminating skin toxins and a better oxygenation of tissues
  • eliminates the feeling of “heavy legs” as well as the tension in the back head and the back

How to choose a hot tub. The shiatsu massage option

A hot tub can also come with the shiatzu hydro massage option. There are 32 micro jets placed along the spine to act like the pressure in one’s fingers by means of hot air and water. You can have them massage the spine upwards for stimulation or downwards for relaxation.


Outdoor or indoor

An important choice you’ll have to make regards placing your hot tub in the bathroom, on the porch or in your backyard. You may want to take hot baths in the privacy of your bathroom every evening or enjoy them outside in wintertime.


How to choose a hot tub. Size

There are hot tubs for one, two or more persons. The most popular model is for 5 people, flollowed by the ones for 2 and 7.

Buried or above the ground

Hot tubs that are installed above the ground are cheaper and easier to install, but they consume more energy to keep the water’s temperature.

Buried hot tubs can’t be moved around, but they longer.

The shape

From oval to bean-shaped, hot tubs come in a wide range of shapes too.


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