What You Can Do With Magnets – 6 Unknown Uses

We took a first look a while ago at some alternative uses of magnets, discovering very interesting things. We will this time find out new roles a banal magnet can play in our households, offering us quick solutions for various day to day situations. So here is what you can with magnets in a series of ideas coming via Care2.com

Let’s start with the simple things. For instance, store a broom on the fridge. Attach a magnet to your broom with a screw, half way down the handle. Attach it to the side of the fridge until you’re ready to use it. There, no more falling brooms and you won’t have to bend anymore. Do the same to always have a pen within reach. Glue a magnet onto a pen for easy access to a writing utensil.

If you have a metallic bin, especially that type used in the offices, keep a trash bag firmly in the bin with the help of magnets so the bag doesn’t snag and nothing gets left in the bin.

Having your car locks freeze over is a nightmare, but it’s easily preventable. Put a magnet on the lock overnight, and you shouldn’t have a problem in the morning and turn to various other solutions which you usually have to pay for.

If you spill a container of tacks, pins, and other little metal objects, spare yourself the poked fingers by using a magnet to pick them up. Do the same to organize your drawer, especially at work. Paper clips, paper clips, everywhere. No need for that! Just put a refrigerator magnet in your desk drawer, and those paper clips will stay put.

Here is something for those nostalgic women who lost one of their favorite earrings. Don’t toss the other one, glue it onto an old magnet and use it on your fridge so you can always have it close to you.

Locate a stud in a wall before drilling so to avoid unpleasant situations in which you have to drill in a different area. Do the same to locate nails under the floor or to collect them when a job is done.

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