How to wash white sheets to keep them fresh

When we talk about our health, the diet that we have is important and so is the foods that we consume most often, but equally important are the things that come into direct contact with our skin. When we say that beauty comes from within, we also refer to the fact that even though we use the most expensive and best cosmetic products on the market, if we do not drink the water, and not eat enought vegetables and fresh fruit, it is useless. As well as treating skin irritations, we better prevent them. This is why the clothes we wear and bed linen must always be clean and well maintained. Before you see how we can have white and soft linens, let’s see other essential tricks first.

How to wash white sheets to keep them fresh

We want to share with you the trick to have white and soft linens. You need a basin to put enouht water so it can cover the bed, lemon juice from 2 lemons and 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda. Leave the white laundry to soak in this solution, at least an hour and then wash them at the washing machine like you usually do. You will see that your bed linen will not change color in time and will always remain of a spotless white, like it was when you bought it.


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