Trout Farming Business. Ideal for a Family Living in the Mountains

The trout production in Romania is way below consumption, so starting a trout farm can be very profitable business. Plus it can be started and developed with European funding. Trout farming is a pleasant outdoor activity, which a family living in the mountains, and especially passionate fishermen, would really appreciate. Here’s what the trout farming business is all about.

Where can we build a trout farm?

The best places to set up a small family trout farm are mountain and hilly areas.

An outdoor trout farm, without ensuring water circulation, can only be built where you have a richly oxygenated water source, a sufficiently strong water flow (over 10 liters/ second) and a maximum water temperature of 18 degrees Celsius in summer.

The trout farm shouldn’t be placed too close to the source, because water coming out of the ground doesn’t have enough dissolved oxygen.

And if it’s placed too far from the source, there’s the risk of having it contaminated on the way. Also, the water should run through some shaded places, so it doesn’t get too warm.

Trout farming business. Investment

The costs for setting up a trout farm depend on the way the plot is shaped, the distance from the construction material supply point and, of course, on how large you want it. In some cases the soil quality even allows you to build the fish tanks into the ground, without pouring concrete.

“A 20,000 euro investment would be enough for a small trout farm. This, of course, if you already have the land and you work with a low-cost construction firm. If not, you have to consider the plot price, as well as the costs for building tanks, installing water cleaning and oxygenating systems etc.”, says a consultant.

You should also think about having a fodder supplier and a veterinarian specialized in trout care visit you regularly.

Trout farming business. Successful family business in Bacau

The Palistans, who live in Ciughes village, Bacau department, have had their trout farm since 2005. Ten years later, they obtained the “traditional product” trademark for the smoked trout in fir tree basket they make out of their own “harvest”.

trout farming business

The farm comprises four tanks with spring water that imitates the natural environment of trout. Plus the fish growth is not stimulated artificially with fodder. The production is therefore limited to 3 tones/year, as it takes 2.5 – 3 years for a trout to weigh 250 grams.

“I feed them fish meal (because it has vitamins and it keeps disease away), with polenta, bread, and what’s most important is that they have natural spring water. The trout feeds itself on water first and foremost! Know that when you see a large trout with a small head, it was grown artificially”, says Mrs. Palistan.

Her recipe for smoked trout is over 95 years old.

trout farming business


Photo credits:, maramuresguide

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