Small Farming Ideas That Pay Off These Days in Romania

Always on the look for profitable crops, small farmers found that it’s mostly niche cultures that perform best. So they go for these exotic plants, that normally grow in different climates and soils, but have been adapted to our environment. Here are just a few small farming ideas that pay off these days in Romania.


small farming ideas that pay off


It has a very rapid growth, which makes it a valuable, environmental friendly source of wood for furniture and accessories. Plus, there are the edible cultivars that grow those shoots which are much appreciated in Asian cuisines. The plants grow as high as 30 meters and can provide no less than 10 tones of wood per hectare.


Also known as the “green gold”, ginseng is grown for its precious roots, with healing powers. But those roots are ready to harvest after 6 years. Nevertheless, in 6 years a farmer can earn 100,000 dollars from a 2,000 square meters plot, by selling seeds, as well as young and mature roots.

Small farming ideas that pay off. Aromatic herbs

small farming ideas that pay off


Farmers who own small plots can make a quick profit growing aromatic herbs, used for tea or cooking. Among the most popular are basil, oregano and peppermint, while saffron (photo) is attractive for its high selling prices.


Flower greenhouses sell their products all year round, whether it’s potted plants or flowers for bouquets. Markets and florists are always in need of this lovely merchandise.


small farming ideas that pay off


It’s increasingly in demand in the food industry, under the growing influence of oriental cuisine. A great advantage is that the plant doesn’t need a lot of water, so it can be successfully grown even if no irrigation is available.



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