The Mobile Office – Working On Two Wheels

We are living times of constant motion, literally and figuratively. Among the advantages of the contemporary era is the possibility to work from home or anywhere else, such as a café, business hub or, recently, a mobile office. This last idea was put into practice by some Belgian architects who, tired of wasting time on the way to the office and back, thought of bringing the office closer, so close that they have it within reach all the time. Basically, their office moved into a refurbished trailer, called Dojowheels, a very functional mobile working space. The images below are very telling in this respect.

Here is what the Belgians say about their invention. “Dojowheels is a mobile training facility or dojo as a working tool, which is a perfect reflection of our vision on working (together). It can easily change its setup to offer the user the most practical surrounding. The flat surface acts as a bed, couch and table with storage available underneath”, they say on the website of the creating company Five AM.

When they refer to the flat surface, they mean the raised floor from which a working table pops up, giving the person inside a lot of flexibility. When the table is not out, the flat surface can serve any other purpose, such as rest, as you can see in the images below.

The mobile office in the trailer

The mobile office – the sleeping or working mode

biroul mobil the mobile office 4 biroul mobil the mobile office 5

But it’s not the Belgians who first came up with this idea of putting an office in a trailer, but an American architect, according to A couple of years ago, Andreas Stavropoulos equipped a trailer with a drafting table, small library, solar power, and wifi, the studio thus providing a comfortable, functional, and elegant mobile design and job site office that is easily towed behind a car.

The mobile office in a trailer

The mobile office – a more welcoming space

biroul mobil the mobile office

In this case, the mobile office is more practical thanks to a platform which, once lowered, allows an easier access in and out. On the other hand, the Belgians’ trailer is more versatile and can easily turn into a sleeping space. In any case, both examples speaks volumes about people’s growing need to find freedom by any means possible.

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