The Giant Slide Apartment – Innovating Design From Kiev

We’ve seen a lot when it comes to ingenious home design and we never cease to be surprised by bold ideas. This time, one of these comes from the Ukrainian capital Kiev where access between two floors of an apartment is done via a slide…from the top floor to the lower one, naturally. This is probably the best way to start a day with a smile on the face and in a truly original manner. Here is more about the giant slide apartment in this article with info and pictures coming via

The second floor, which was left unattended by the owners for a while, was renovated by a local architecture studio and given a whole new look and structure alike. It now hosts a master bedroom, a guest room and an office which overlooks the lower level, probably for the owners to keep an eye on the children while working. Since the upper level lies on the last floor of a house where the apartment is located, the study and the bedrooms feature beautiful skylights with a lot of natural light flowing in abundantly.

The giant slide apartment

The giant slide apartment – a mix of captivating patterns

apartamentul cu topogan the giant slide apartment 5 apartamentul cu topogan the giant slide apartment 6

The first floor packs a modern kitchen, a spacious living which also expands into a dining and the children’s bedrooms. The apartment discharges energy and vitality thanks to the richness of textures and geometrical patterns which make it stand out, besides pops of color. The living is the room where this blend is at its height, with painted brick walls next to wooden clad surfaces, with wood strips arranged in a couple of patterns. Another organic wall which separates the living from the kitchen gets all the attention, adding a bit of nature to the modern interiors.

The giant slide apartment

The giant slide apartment – pops of color

apartamentul cu topogan the giant slide apartment 3 apartamentul cu topogan the giant slide apartment 7

The philosophy that stood at the core of this innovative interior design is very well explained by the owners. “We have enough activities and problems away from home, at home we rest,” said the clients. “We didn’t want the apartment’s design to become dull or boring in a year or so. We wanted our home to contain some special catchy and wow-factor elements which we could admire for a couple of months, and then we would hear wows from our guests”, they said.

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