The 1200 USD tiny house – the shortest way to freedom

We will keep talking about small, even tiny, houses since experts say the future belongs to them. In an ever crowded world, with rising housing costs, as is the population, people tend to miniaturize their homes to cut back maintenance costs and enlarge the vital space around the houses. In many cases, as in the example below – the 1200 USD tiny house – it’s all about the freedom call.

The small house trend is just at the beginning and continues to incessantly develop. Easy to comprehend, the constructions costs of such buildings is very low, but still, 1200 USD seems exaggeratedly low. But it’s doable!

This micro-home was designed by Derek Diedricksen, owning the blog where the tiny house was first presented. The original blueprint says the base of the house is about 80 square feet (7.5 square meters). But that’s not all of it and this where this tiny cabin comes to impress us. If you raise one side of the roof of the A-shaped house, the base enlarges to 110 square feet (more than 10 square meters). Enough space, the designer says, for two people to sleep comfortably. The picture below speaks for itself.

The 1200 USD tiny house in America

The 1200 USD tiny house – going from 80 to 110 square feet

But we are not done with surprises! The 1200 USD tiny house has enough storage space under the bed-benches, a sink and a place for a small fridge. A very small loft can also be used for storage or to accommodate another person overnight.

The 1200 USD tiny house in America

The 1200 USD tiny house – the bed-benches and the sink

Even when closed, the poly-carbonate roof allows natural light to flow inside the nano-home. The two side openings also let the natural light go in.

The 1200 USD tiny house in America

The 1200 USD tiny house – the interior from a different angle

Derek Diedricksen says the total cost of building such a tiny-house doesn’t go beyond 1200 USD. Moreover, if you have materials which you want to repurpose, the final costs could be much less than that. Diedricksen sells the blueprint for about 30 USD. Regardless of tastes, the 1200 USD tiny house can serve as a vacation cottage or a base of operations for mountains trips, he says.

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