Simple mansard roof houses – beautiful and practical without taking much space

Regardless of the size and the simplicity of design, mansard roof houses have a special charm and are an excellent choice for living, as well as spending a vacation. We’ve selected three plans of simple mansard roof houses which have a footprint of no more than 700 square feet.

Looking at this first house, we notice the stone and wooden decorative elements, finely and harmoniously combined. It has a classical front door and a modern lateral one. Big simple windows let the light in downstairs, while velux ones do the same for the attic. It has a 675 square feet footprint and a 990 square feet living area.

simple mansard roof houses 1

Downstairs there is a kitchen opening to the living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. From the living room one can go straight out on the patio through the glass doors that let more light into the room.

simple mansard roof houses 1-plan

Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms approximately equal in size and a spacious bathroom.

simple mansard roof houses 1-plan-floor

Simple mansard roof houses. A mansion for residence or summer house

The second project is of a mansion which can be built with low costs, as a full time home or a summer house. Its roof, beautifully crafted, reproduced at smaller scale above the front door and the decorative wooden columns offer it an exquisite charm. It has a footprint just a bit above 645 square feet and a living area of 1033 square feet.

simple mansard roof houses 2

Downstairs it provides a large kitchen and a generous living and dining room while upstairs you can enjoy 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

simple mansard roof houses 2-plan

simple mansard roof houses 2-plan-floor

Simple mansard roof houses. Project from Northern France

The last project is that of a small house, in very good taste, built in Northern France. It stands out for its tall window with nice shutters and the roof made of ceramic tiles, decorated with two dormers “a la capucine”. It doesn’t occupy more than 560 square feet, while the entire living area is 1011 square feet.

simple mansard roof houses 3

Downstairs you have a 320 square feet living and dining room, a kitchen behind a bar, a restroom and a garage.

simple mansard roof houses 3-plan
Upstairs there are three bedrooms, over 100 square feet each, a bathroom and a dressing. There’s also a mezzanine, very well lit, which makes it ideal for a small library.

simple mansard roof houses 3-plan-floor


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