Two Story Dream Homes – Architecture With Personality

Houses, just like people, are different. Some easily stand out thanks to some design elements that personalize them and give them a special, original feel. Today we will exemplify such houses that catch the eye right away thanks to a perfect combination between architecture and exterior finishes. So here are three two story dream homes that offers, besides their image, the practical side of a generous space.

The first example is an attic house, spreading on a living area of 160 square meters. The house features a classic style design, but the modern shapes exhibited impart a modern touch. Fine bay windows on both levels are superb focal points, giving the place a unique silhouette. The ground floor features a living, dining, kitchen, study, toilet, technical room and a garage. The attic houses three bedrooms and a bathroom with a washer included. The price starts from 450 Euros/per built square meter.
case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-1 case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-2 case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-3 case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-4

The second plan describes an attic house with a total living area of 145 square meters. The front façade boasts a series of decorative elements that give the whole place a fairy-tale like look. The ground floor comes as a diversely structured space, with the living area connected to a 30 square meter patio. Two bedrooms lie on the opposite side of this level. A third bedroom rests upstairs, with part of the space being open to below. The estimated price is 66,000 Euros.

case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-5 case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-6 case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-7 case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-8

Finally, the third plan is a house on 145 square meters that gains attention thanks to the large glazed areas and play of volumes that shape a modern building, easy to integrate into any environment. The ground floor packs an open space living area which spills outside into a patio, with the rest of the space completed by a bathroom and a technical room. Upstairs, there are three bedrooms, with the master having its own bathroom and balcony. A deck is also available here for intimate moments of tranquility. The price ranges from about 79,000 to 112,000, depending on the quality of the finishes.

case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-9 case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-10 case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-11 case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-12 case-de-vis-pe-doua-nivele-two-story-dream-homes-13


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