Design ideas for small bathrooms. Efficiency and comfort in 10 versions

The bathroom has to offer you the same comfort you want from any other room in the house and even more, as an unavoidable part of our daily routine goes on in there. There are a lot of things we need to have handy in this often very limited space. We’ve put together for you 10 design ideas for small bathrooms.

The first idea won an award from Ikea in a design contest. It’s a bathroom of only 1,5 square meters, in which a toilet, a sink and a shower cabin are fitted. Above the toilet and the sink there’s a big shelf in the wall for storage, the sink was designed with compartments aside to allow you to neatly place the things you need there, while the towels just hang beneath it.

design ideas for small bathrooms 1


design ideas for small bathrooms 1x

A very interesting and attractive version is presented by Delta Studio. The warmth of the wood which covers an entire wall, the floor and the side of the bathtub, the small space taken by the toilet and the sink and the two contrasting shiny black pieces offer a modern and comfortable look. The window that partially isolates the bathtub is also a plus.

design ideas for small bathrooms 2

The third idea we’ve selected comes from the same studio. Practical and modern, having storage spaces all along the wall, including in the shower cabin, this bathroom with beige marble all over it is of a peerless elegance.

design ideas for small bathrooms 3

The fourth idea comes from Kiwi Stdio. This designer had fun combining classical and ultramodern elements, also allowing for a very efficient use of space.

design ideas for small bathrooms 4

This bathroom, in an elegant grey and yellow combination, also comprises elements on both the practical and the aesthetic side. The big cupboard in the wall, two curtains instead of one covering the bathtub, the soft carpet at your feet and the decorative pieces score big in this bathroom.

design ideas for small bathrooms 5

Not an inch of this narrow and tall bathroom seems to be left unused. You cannot expect to find a single object you need missing in this multitude of drawers and shelves. You can only feel pleased and comfortable entering this bathroom, where the focus on details is right at home.

design ideas for small bathrooms 6

The light feels at home in this small bathroom, yet nothing seems to be missing, not even nice decorations, put in all the right places.

design ideas for small bathrooms 7

This one has the most common bathroom furniture, but it was designed with such fantasy that it is unique. A perfect example of how smart, imaginative design can transform a room.

design ideas for small bathrooms 8

How about this rustic design that is simply charming.

design ideas for small bathrooms 9

Our final proposal is a lovely plain and warm looking bathroom with a nicely designed shower cabin.

design ideas for small bathrooms 10


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