How to remove stains from leather

Undoubtedly, natural leather items are manage to pass the time test without any problems. A leather jacket will never demolish and once purchased, it can be worn for many seasons, a leather bag can be worn even a few years if properly maintained and a pair of leather shoes will be comfortable and it will protect us even from the rain. We all know that natural leather articles are very good, but what do we do when we damage them? More specifically, how do you remove the stains from leather?Read on and find out how to remove stains from leather with these useful tricks.

How to remove stains from leather

Depending on the type of stain, we’ve prepared several tricks to help you clean up your favorite article:

Liquor stains – these are easy to clean with lemon juice;

Fat stains – Use a piece of cotton cloth soaked in turpentine;

Eyeliner or pencil – get rid of them with a mixture of a teaspoon of vinegar and 100 ml of alcohol;

Mold stains – Easily tap the stained area with a 5% ammonia solution and finally wipe with a dry cloth;

Mud spots – remove them with one onion cut in two;

Grass stains – wipe the stain with turpentine and then treat with ammonia (5 drops of 10% ammonia per 100 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide);

Stains on white leather gloves – Wipe the gloves several times with white flour or talcum powder, shake and brush them at the end with a soft brush.

How do you get rid of stains onl leather?


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