DIY: How to make Christmas ornamets

It is said that the way a house looks like is actually the housewife’s business card. From how soft the towels are in the bathroom, how clean the carpets are and how bright the kitchen countertop shines. In the cold season, also counts the way the house is decorated and how the Christmas tree looks like.  For those of you who love winter holidays, we’ve prepared a short tutorial below that teaches you how to create your own Christmas ornaments. Watch the video below to see how you make simple and fast ornaments for your Christmas tree. You need just a few materials, the basics being a cd, a soldering gun and an ornament. Sure you can customize the globes by your own taste and this is just an example:

You can put any sort of ornaments you want in your Christmas tree. Besides classical globes, other popular ornaments are the golden / silver cones that you have certainly seen in the windows of many stores. Well, these are easier to achieve than you think. Learn from the following lines how to make them simple and easy.

Gold / silver ornaments

First of all, you need some cones, glitter paint or nail polish in the color you want and a spray bottle. Pour the paint or nail polish into the atomizer bottle and dilute it a little (use one to three parts). Put the lid and mix the solution well. The resulting composition is sprayed onto the cones. After that, leave the cones dry on a newspaper. Simple, right? Remember that the materials used are flammable and must be protected from any source of strong heat or fire, but also from the furniture until it dries comletely.


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