10 Alternative Uses For Dental Floss

We are about to discover new uses for banal items at home that we only associate with one single role. Dental floss is the healthier and more aesthetic option of a toothpick, but beyond its well-known mission, it can also be used in many other ways. So here are some alternative uses for dental floss, interesting ideas coming via Rd.com

First of all, dentals floss can easily replace the regular thread. Use it, for instance, to unstick a photograph. Slide a length of dental floss under the corner of a photo that’s stuck to an album page or another snapshot. Work the floss between the two surfaces to separate them without damaging the picture. Hang small and light paintings on the wall, tie your hair back when washing your face, cut a cheesecake and any other soft cheeses and string a holiday garland.

Floss is strong and stretchy, making it a great option when you’re hanging accessories around the house. Plus, unlike braided wire, it won’t ruin the paint on the wall behind. Try attaching floss to not-too-heavy paintings, frames, and more.

When your fingers swell during the day, sliding off a ring can turn into a tough job. To remove your jewelry easily, wrap floss from the ring up to your fingertip. The wrapping will make your digit smaller without cutting off circulation.

Run out of space to air dry your clothes? A piece of dental floss can act as a clothing line in a pinch. Tie it around two stable objects like a shower head or curtain rod and hang your soggy clothes. The floss will be strong enough to hold wet garments.

The dust between keyboard keys or in furniture details can be tough to attack. Wrap floss around your fingers like you would for your teeth, then guide it into tight spaces to lift away dirt and dust.

Climbing plants like to grow upward. Put a wooden dowel in the soil that they can wrap around, then keep them from breaking off by tying around a bit of dental floss.

If a dripping faucet is giving you a headache, remedy the noise with floss until you have a chance to fix the leak for good. Tie floss around the faucet head, making sure the other end of the string is guided into the drain. The drops of water will slide quietly down the floss instead of thudding into the sink below.

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