Burning scented candles at home. How dangerous it really is

Most of us, when we have a difficult day, we are dreaming about the momemnt we will get home so we could light some scented candles, maybe tkae a hot bath and just relax. Did you find yourself in this scenario? The chances are you did, given that most Hollywood films define relaxation in this way. But even though we think this habit is harmless, things are not that safe. Moreover, scented candles are dangerous and can affect our health. So, if you are part of the category of people who are accustomed to lighting at least one candle at the end of each day, read on and find out how dangerous they really are and why we should not light scented candles in our home.

Burning scented candles at home. How dangerous it really is

We can all agree that they emit a very pleasant smell and relax. Moreover, each of us has a favorite flavor when it comes to scented candles, but how dangerous are they actually? Well, it seems that over time they can cause lung problems.

A group of researchers from the University of San Diego, California, investigated several factors that lead to indoor air pollution and their study has shown that fragrant candles contribute significantly to this process. The study involved 300 families in whose homes there were installed devices to monitor the particles in the air. Thus, they found that oil-frying, burning candles and especially smoking, are causes that increase the number of fine particles in the air – which pollutes the air and causes system damage breathing.

Last but not least, when the candle is lit, it produces soot, whose particles float in the air a few hours after. American specialists have discovered that fragrant candles release more soot than non-perfumed ones, and those with wick wax release soot with the most toxic content. In the smoke of this type of candles, toxic particles of lead, zinc, tin and cadmium have been detected, and if the wick is longer, the candle releases a larger amount of toxic, potentially carcinogenic compounds. Of course it is impossible to live in a sterile environment, but it is advisable to take all the precautions. So, with regard to scented candles, it is advisable to avoid them. If you still want to light scented candles in your house, make sure you leave the door open and open the windows for 20-30 after. Also buy scented candles just from specialized stores.

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