How to decorate a 12 square metres apartment

You have a small house and you don’t know how to set it up? In the following lines we  invite you to discover how to set up a dwelling of 12 square meters.
You’d think you need at least 30 square feet to store all the necessary things and arrange a welcoming home, where you have at least one corner where you can relax, right?. Well, the house below shows us that this is possible and in the case of a housing of just 12 square meters. So, in the ranks below, we reveal some tricks that will help you set up a home of 12 square meters:

Choose light colors

As we all know, walls, floors and furniture in light shades make small spaces appear larger and brighter.

Give up unnecessary objects

Every piece of furniture you own must fulfill a practical purpose. Thus, you can use a meal both for dinner, as well as office; The dressing room can also serve as a storage space, and a hammock can outline a place of relaxation without losing precious space, as in the images below.

If possible, give up the kitchen

Unfortunately, when we speak of such a small space, it is almost impossible to have a kitchen in the true sense of the word. But if you never cook, you can compromise. So you can drop the oven and cooker and you can limit yourself to a compact fridge, a coffee flitru and a small countertop that you can make sandwiches for, for example.

Keep it tidy

Last but not least, make sure there’s no clutter in the house. The piles of paper, the dirty countertops and the walls too loaded with decorations can make both narrow and wide spaces seem chaotic. Keep the flat surfaces clean and tidy.



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