How you get rid of limestone stains

We’re all dealing with limestone stains and there’s nothing uglier than a faucet with stains on it. No matter how much you try to clean it with special cleaning products, they don’t want to disappear. We talked last week about the salt stains on the shoes, as well as the stains on the leather articles and how we can get rid of them. Today, we come back with a new article, but this time we are talking about limestone stains and we share with you a trick that will help you quickly and easily get rid of them, with the help of an ingredient you already have in the kitchen.

So, if you also have somelimestone stains on the taps and sinks, read on to find out how you can easily get rid of them.


How to get rid of limestone stains

You don’t need a special product and you definitely don’t have to go shopping because you only need two ingredients and you have both in the house. So, you need vinegar and a cotton rag.

The first step is to make sure that you have chosen a cotton rag large enough to cover the entire square surface. The next step is to dip the cloth in vinegar and place it on the sink/tap, in the limestone areas. Then, pour the vinegar on it, to make sure the material is as wet as possible. Let the vinegar cct for at least an hour, then remove the rag  and wipe the square surface with an abrasive sponge. If the stains are very old, repeat the procedure until you get rid of all the stains.



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