Practical Tips to Make Money From Gardening

Gardening is a hobby for many, the perfect means to get rid of the negative energy accumulated in the professional environment. But you can just as well mix this hobby with a mercantile approach of gardening because, let’s admit it, anyone needs an extra penny. We scoured the web and ran into a series of practical tips which experts of the Daily Telegraph came up with to turn gardening into a profitable work, too. Below are these practical tips to make money from gardening:

Of course, when we say money we refer to income which can cover some of your gardening costs. No one makes any illusions gardening can make someone rich on a short term. For many gardeners, turning a hobby into a commercial activity is hard to imagine, especially since many exchange experience, swap or lend each other flowers, plants and seeds.

Still, some advice is useful and is easy to carry out when considering to get a small profit out of gardening. First of all, a practice which is expanding is to open private gardens to the public. In the big cities, a lavish garden can easily draw those in love with nature. Use this occasion to sell homemade cookies and refreshments to those visiting your urban oasis. You can also set up a playground for kids in the neighborhood who will always prefer it to one under a roof.

We are moving on to more practical tips. If you have enough space, grow veggies and flowers that you can sell, such as chilies, saffron, olives, truffles and other exotic plants to sell and which can be produced on a small but intensive scale. You can also grow rare flowers such as alpines, giving an example of such a successful initiative. The garden can thus become a mini nursery.

Turn to livestock – quails, for instance, for their meat and eggs or ducks. In this context, open a pop-up restaurant or cafe, using herbs and veggies you’ve grown yourself. Another tip is to sell anything that you can make out of your garden, such as willow work, plant supports, herbs, cut flowers, sculptures or salvaged items from your land.

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