The Best House in Wales

It was built on the site of a 400-year-old farmhouse which was destroyed by fire. A house apparently descended from a contemporary design catalogue rose on the ashes of the old structure. With clear lines, a perfect geometry shape, transparent glass walls, the modern design house stands high chances of becoming Wales’ most beautiful home. The design of the house takes its cues from the client’s love of the linear patterns and block colors present in abstract art, architects explained.

The house quickly attracted the attention of hit property show Grand Designs broadcast by Channel 4. Its story started in an architects’ studio in Manchester and the project took over 18 months to complete. Developers had to overcome the weather and the logistical problem of assessing the remote site with a low railway bridge preventing some trucks from reaching the site. The project has now been put forward for the All-Wales Building Excellence Awards in recognition of their work, writes

The best house in Wales is modern

The best house in Wales – glass all around

The best house in Wales is modern

The best house in Wales – the 400 year old wall

All the rooms, including the bathroom, in the home enjoy a view to the incredible and wild surroundings. The team managed this by using a steel frame structure combined with a timber frame. The stone remains of a 400 year old cottage were re-used for the new boundary wall, an interesting visual combination between old and modern. At some point, the stone wall becomes part of the home as one of the external walls of the house.

The architects say their customer, passionate of art and sculpture, asked them to identify a design that can make the most of the superb views and unique nature of the location. The site is in a remote area occupying a location boasting a spectacular panoramic view overlooking Cardigan Bay.

On the first floor, with glass walls on three sides of the cubic structure, the panoramic views is breathtaking. Inside, parts of the ceiling are also made of glass and create the impression of a flowing space.

The best house in Wales is modern

The best house in Wales – total transparency

The best house in Wales is modern

The best house in Wales – the wall and its terrific visual effect


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