How to Make Your Bathroom Shine. Step by Step Guide For an Impeccable Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is very important, not only for the look, but also to avoid viruses or fungus spreading and making us sick. The bathroom walls easily collect residue from frequent heat/steam, the tub and sink get covered in soap scum, the mirror gets toothpaste or hairspray spots, and the toilet is the perfect home for stains and deposits in difficult to reach and clean places. This is how to approach each of these issues and how to make your bathroom shine, without using expensive products filled with chemicals.

Bathtub/ shower cabin

A solution of one part non-toxic dishwashing detergent and vinegar is excellent for getting rid of soap scum. Apply and use a scouring pad to work off the grime. Using a steam cleaner beforehand will make scrubbing easier. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, running the shower for one minute using hot water will have a similar effect.

A paste of baking soda and lemon juice is good for scrubbing the shower pan/bathtub. If you have doors on your shower rather than a shower curtain, it’s likely you have at least some mold build-up in the cracks and crevices of the doors – a toothbrush will come in handy here.

Your shower head makes an ideal home for bacteria, and mineral build up can clog the sprayers. To clean and disinfect the shower head, put a small amount of equal parts water and vinegar into a plastic bag and secure it around the shower head with a rubber band. Leave it on overnight, remove, and run the water to clear it out.

If you have a shower curtain, toss it right into the washing machine on a warm water setting.

How to make your bathroom shine. Walls

To scrub walls clean, use a 1:1 solution of water-vinegar, or, alternatively, hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, and wipe down with a cleaning cloth.


It’s amazing how much dust can collect on the inside of medicine and storage cabinets. Removing everything from the cabinets and wiping down shelves also gives you the opportunity to purge old toiletries, medications, and other products in the process.

How to make your bathroom shine. Toilet

Use a toothbrush with a 1:1 water/vinegar solution and baking soda/lemon juice paste to clean inside the bowl. Spray a vinegar/water solution on the base, outer bowl and tank, toilet seat and lid, and wipe down with a rag/cleaning cloth for a squeaky clean, disinfected toilet, inside and out.

Because even in the cleanest bathroom the toilet brush is usually lying in some dirty water, this is your chance to prevent that. So spray the water/vinegar solution on the brush as well and then prop it under the seat to drain. You can do this when you start to clean the bathroom and leave the brush drain well until you are finished.

how to make your bathroom shine

Counterpart, sink and faucet

These will also come clean with a vinegar and water solution. A baking soda/lemon juice paste will help remove soap scum from the sink. Spray the faucet with a vinegar/water solution and wipe down.

How to make your bathroom shine. Mirror and window

Either white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide (3%) does a great job of getting mirrors and windows clean with no streaks. Use newspaper or a microfiber cloth to wipe dry.


Wash down the floors with the same vinegar/water solution, whether you do it the old fashioned way (on hands and knees) or with a mop.

Find out HERE how you can clean the tile grout as well.


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