Wood Stove Central Heating Systems

Central heating systems have evolved over time and come these days in different options which generally match any type of budget. But what do you do when you live in a remote countryside corner and you are compelled, especially financially, to rely on the traditional wood burning stove which does its job in one single room only? One answer is building a similar stove in each of the rooms where family members live. But you can kill two birds with the same stone by relying on a wood stove central heating system. Below are some details about this system which is actually one of the first central heating systems the mankind invented hundreds of years ago.

Here is what specialists say: the wood stove central heating systems are a cost-efficient way to heat households by using solid fuel. The stove heats both the room where it is built (usually the kitchen) as well as 6-7 other rooms by connecting it to a central heating installation. The main body of the system is a terracotta built stove on a metallic base featuring a cast iron stove plate and a metallic boiler which is actually the main firebox of the stove.
This system can heat about 6-7 radiators across the house and, thanks to a second boiler, can also heat household water. There’s no need to install a radiator in the room where the stove is located because it already radiates plenty of heat.

In brief, the wood burning stove about to be built or already built can be attached an installation which absorbs most of the heat and take it to the other rooms. In a nutshell, you use only one fire to heat the whole house which is unneglectable. First, sparing you to light a fire in every room where someone lives gives you more comfort. Secondly, you get to save a lot of fuel, which is wood in our case.

If you already have a built wood burning stove, then you only have to invest in iron and PCV pipes, radiators, water recirculating pump, thermostat, safety valve, steam gauge, expansion tank and faucets. While doing a little research you may run into these classic systems under the name of homemade heating systems, but specialists recommended you hire a specialized firm to install them or else you run the risk of serious accidents. Here are some pictures below giving you the broad image of this system.

centrala termica in soba de teracota Wood stove central heating systems 2 centrala termica in soba de teracota Wood stove central heating systems 3 centrala termica in soba de teracota Wood stove central heating systems

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