LED TV Power Consumption – Comparative Analyses

We are certain you have always wondered how much of the home appliance consumes, especially when getting the power bill. Fortunately, as we show more and more concern for the environment, the technological evolution comes to match this constant preoccupation of ours. As a matter of fact, home appliances, of any sort, race to consume as little electricity as possible since manufacturing companies are well aware of this growing Eco-awareness trend among its clients. Here is more in the article below on a LED TV power consumption, based on various measurements.

When picking out a TV, electricity consumption is less of a concern than it once was. TVs have gotten more efficient in recent years, and since nearly all TVs currently being sold use LED lighting, which is less demanding than plasma, most people have very minimal electricity bills attached to their TVs. That doesn’t mean there are no considerations at all. Different sizes demand a different amount of power, and so larger TVs will cost more to run. A first evaluation done by website Energyusecalculator.com shows that older LCD monitors used CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent) backlighting which is generally 20-30% less power efficient compared to LED-backlit LCD displays. For instance, a 24 inch LED TV consumes 40 kW per year, an LCD display with the same screen sizes uses 50 kW while an old CRT technology display consumes 120 kW per year.

According to a different analysis done by website Rtings.com, a 55 inch LED TV with a power consumption of 42 W generates yearly electricity vosts of up to 13.5 USD, while a LCD with the same screen size and a power consumption of 136 W generates costs of up to 27.5 USD annually. It should be noticed the gap in costs between the two types of displays grows visibly as the size grows, too.

In Romania, website Wallstreet.ro set a LED TV on the 7th place in a top of home appliances power consumption, after vacuum, iron and hair dryer, with the washing machine filling the first position. Used for an average two hours per day, a 40 inch display LED TV with a medium power consumption of 40 W costs about 0.2 USD per day.

A second analysis done by website Mariusc.Name shows a 40 inch LED TV uses about 20.4 kW per month on an average run of 12 hours per day without the energy saving function on. If this feature is activated, then the consumption decreases to 10.4 kW, but the image is not that crystal clear anymore.

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