How to Keep Mites Away in Your Backyard or When Hiking

Now that it’s much warmer and you see all that green everywhere, we are eager to go out hiking or just to spend more time in our backyard. But we need to be cautious when enjoying ourselves out in the open, in woods, on meadows, in parks or in the gardens, because of the mite threat. This is how to keep mites away in our own backyard or when going out for a walk in the woods or a picnic.

Mite bite is dangerous because it may carry diseases like Lyme, which can lead to serious complications. Not every mite is infected and in order to pass on the disease it should feed on the host’s blood for 24 hours.

So discovering a mite bite within hours and taking the mite out will most probably keep you safe. For that, you need to carefully examine your whole body, after being out on the grass. Take a shower first, at your return home, as mites might stay on the skin for hours before going in and so they may go down the drain just like that. Be aware that they prefer to bite and stay in hidden areas of your body such as behind the ears, the knees or the inguinal region. You’ll notice a small, dark swollen spot on your skin, which you have to get out with tweezers, making sure you’ve removed it completely. If you can’t get it out, you’d better get to the ER for medical assistance.

If you have a dog, examine his fur as well when you get back from your walk.

In order to prevent mite bite, you should dress appropriately when going out to walk or sit on the grass. You can also take some prevention measures in your backyard to keep it mite-free.

Note that mites are more commonly around in woods or gardens that are not kept, filled with weeds, shrubs and high grass.

How to keep mites away. In your backyard

how to keep mites away

  • Increase your lawn area and reduce areas covered by shrubs or hedge.
  • Mow the lawn regularly, as short as you can, so it doesn’t grow higher than 3 inches. This reduces moist and makes it difficult for mites to settle there.
  • Remove weeds, dry leaves and any other plant debris. They attract mites as well as rats they feed on.
  • Place garden furniture and the playground as far away from trees, bushes or hedge.
  • Use wood board or gravel to separate the lawn from areas with taller vegetation.
  • Put your piles of wood 20 inches up from the ground.
  • Apply the adequate worming treatment to your pets, according to your vet’s indications.

How to keep mites away. On a walk or picnic

how to keep mites away

  • Choose light colored clothes, they will help you detect any unwanted visitors more easily.
  • Tighten your clothes around your wrists, ankles and waist, to keep mites from getting under.
  • Before sitting on the grass, make sure there aren’t mites in the area, by dragging a light colored piece of clothing in that area.
  • Avoid walking or sitting in tall grass.


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