Choosing the Right Freezer for Your Storage Needs

When the freezer inside your refrigerator turns out to be insufficient all the time, you have to plan buying an individual one, either a vertical or a chest freezer. This way, you’ll have the storage room you need for enjoying seasonal products all year round, for buying good, healthy meat from your local producer or other good quality goods you find on sale. Here’s what you need to consider for choosing the right freezer.

No Frost function

This is really a must with any freezer. With this function, there’s no ice forming on the inside that you have to clean and no need for defrosting your machine.

A No Frost freezer is also much more efficient and preserves your food better.

Chest freezers don’t normally have this function. There is a similar system in some models, but they are much more expensive.

Choosing the right freezer. Quick frost function

The best freezers have this function, by names like Super Freezing or SuperFrost. It goes for vertical, as well as chest freezers. This function is very useful for adjusting temperature for newly introduced and old packages in your freezer so neither suffer.

Choosing the right freezer. Uniform airflow function

This function, that every good quality freezer should have, provides an even air distribution everywhere inside your freezer, maintaining a constant temperature regardless of outside temperature variations.

Choosing the right freezer. Power outage working option

Your vertical or chest freezer should keep working for a certain amount of time when there’s a power outage. A good freezer has working autonomy for up to 40 hours. Chest drawers typically have longer autonomy.

Choosing the right freezer. Storage volume

The smallest vertical and chest freezers have a storage volume of 70 – 80 litres, and the largest surpass 400 litres. Chest drawers typically have a bigger volume.


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