Packing for the Vacation. How to Save Space and Not Miss a Thing

The vacation you’ve waiting for months is finally round the corner. You’re more and more enthuziastic every day, rejoicing the anticipation. Profit and also think about what you’ll need to take with you. Here a few tips on packing for the vacation, in order not to oversize your luggage and not miss a thing either.

1. Weather forecast

Check the weather forecast for the whole time of your vacation, to know just what kind of clothes and shoes you’ll need.

2. Visualize your vacation

Try to imagine how each day of your vacation will go – where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing. Make a list with the clothes and accessories you need for every activity. Consider the possibility of having dinner in a restaurant, where you’ll want to look nice. A long sleeved shirt is a great asset in your luggage: it will cover you up against the sunlight and against the chill in the evening.

3. Packing for the vacation. Coordinate clothes

Choose clothes and accessories that match each other, like a skirt that goes with all the tops you’ll be taking with you. This way, you won’t be carrying clothes or accessories you can only wear once.

4. Don’t take too many shoes

Choose comfortable, versatile footware – sandals you can wear to the pool and to dinner, for instance. If you have to pack boots or other large footware, use the inside to store socks.

5. Roll-up the clothes

Roll-up the clothes you pack to reduce wrinkling and the room they will take.

6. Packing for the vacation. Towels

Check with your host if you’ll be receiving towels where you’re staying, so you won’t carry them for nothing. The slippers for the shower you don’t want to forget.

7. Don’t leave without

You really need to pack a small first aid kit with the medicine you might be needing, bandages and disinfectant, together with dry and moist tissues, no-rinse gel for cleaning hands, string and needle, plastic bags for cosmetics and worn underwear.

8. Leave some room

You will inevitably get home with more than you packed, so make sure you’ll have the room.


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