Incredible Uses For Copper Pennies

They say pennies cost more to produce than they are actually worth from a monetary point of view. This doesn’t mean we cannot give them extra value, using them for alternative purposes hard to imagine unless someone else had tried and told us, too. So here are some incredible uses for copper pennies, as seen on

The first task will surely make gentlemen smile and rub hands in satisfaction. If you forgot to cork a bottle of wine and you get that smell of rotten eggs, do not despair. Stale wine stinks because of sulfur compounds called thiols that form while uncorked wine reacts with oxygen. You can remove that stink by dropping a clean copper penny right into your glass. Stir it briefly with a spoon, then remove it. Because copper reacts with thiols to produce odorless copper sulfide, you will smell and taste the difference right away.

The chemistry class is not over yet and we will move the didactic materials into the garden. Those fond of gardening frown every time intruders trespass and feast on their work. You can keep slugs at bay by placing a few copper coins around a plant. The explanation? Copper metal reacts with the slime that covers snails and slugs, resulting in an unpleasant electro-neural signal (similar to an electrical shock) that repels them.

If you don’t have a screw-driver within reach and you have to do a man’s job, then turn to a copper coin. It serves you well, even if that calls for some physical effort.

If you have a wobbly table which drives you mad, then pick a few coins or more (you do a visual assessment). Slip a stack of glued pennies under the table and, if the wobbly furniture is your own, feel free to super glue the pennies right onto the bottom of the bothering leg so you won’t have to bend every time it forces you to.

Finally, another solution fit the gentlemen. If you’re out of washers, a drill or metal hole-puncher, stamp a hole into the center of a cent to turn it into a non-corroding washer. Imagine how many of these tiny pieces you can make use of with the small coins we so easily dispose of.

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