Uses Of Salt: 7 Smart And Practical Ideas

They say that, besides its primary role in the kitchen, salt has more than 14,000 alternative uses. Some of these uses have been for simple things around the home, long before the appearance of modern chemicals and cleaners. So here are a first series of uses of salt so that you find help, when needed, in a tiny salt shaker. And since there are so many uses, we will surely touch upon this topic again.

Rattan or wicker furniture can lose that natural look if exposed to sun for too long, especially if placed on patios or in the garden. To keep your wicker natural-looking, scrub it with a stiff brush dipped in warm salt water. Let the piece dry in the sun. Repeat this process every year or every other year.

In the same context, prolong the practical life of your straw broom if you soak its bristles in a bucket of hot, salty water. After about 20 minutes, remove the broom and let it dry.

If you use artificial flowers in decorating your home, then you should know salt has also got something to say here, too. Fill a vase or other container with salt, add a little cold water, and arrange your artificial flowers. The salt will solidify, and the flowers will stay put in the exact position you count on to display as much of their beauty as possible.

For many of us, peeling eggs is not really our favorite pastime, especially when the thin layer of calcium won’t come off so easily. Never mind, you will know the solution next time: eggs boiled in salted water peel more easily. Speaking of eggs, here is how you can check their freshness: place the egg in a cup of water to which two teaspoonfuls of salt has been added. A fresh egg sinks; a doubter will float.

If spinach or lettuce is washed in salted water, repeated cleanings will not be necessary because impurities will be removed more easily this way.

Douse a fire in the stove of fireplace with salt if you’re in a hurry. The fire will burn out more quickly, so you’ll wind up with less soot than if you let it smolder. Cleanup is easier, too, because the salt helps the ashes and residue gather into easy sweepings.


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