How to Save Money When Purchasing Office Supplies

Compared to office furniture and equipment, office supplies may seem like a minor expense. The major difference is that major purchases such as furniture and equipment tend to be a one time buy, whereas, office supplies are used every day, and they must be replenished on a regular basis, leading you to spend quite an amount. But you can reduce that amount considerably if you shop smart. So let’s see how to save money when purchasing office supplies. 

There are many things that you can do to control how much you spend on office supplies. And buying in bulk, especially if you have the storage space is always a smart way to go. It also saves time and helps you plan your purchases better, so you’ll never be caught by surprise by a shortage.

Shopping online is another smart way to go. It saves both time and money, because the products should be cheaper and the delivery of a large order is often free.

Tips on how to save money when purchasing office supplies:

  1. Compile a list of the office supplies your business needs.
  2. Track the rate of use of the office supplies on the list for a period of one month. Use this information to determine how much of each item to purchase for a specific time period.
  3. Compare the prices of the items on the list across several office supply retailers to find one that offers the best value. Take into account fidelity bonuses that some suppliers offer.
  4. Compare the cost of each office supply item, when sold individually and in bulk.
  5. Be careful not to purchase supplies with expiration dates in too large quantities.
  6. If your business is small and you can’t make very large orders, you can form a buying co-op with two to three other businesses.
  7. Plan to purchase office supplies during August, September and October. Retailers offer considerable discounts on stationery and other supplies for back-to-school sales.


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