Houses With Three Balconies – Closer To Nature

One of the reasons why we seek to move into a house is the facile access to the outdoor area, patio, deck or balcony, where we relax the best. It is hard to imagine a house without such spaces of transition to the sample of nature outside we all try to have around our houses. Today we will take a look at some houses where ground floor patios are doubled by generous balconies so that relaxation comes on two levels. Here are three houses with three balconies for those who want to escape by all means.

The first plan describes a house which blends the classic and the modern design harmoniously, resulting in a strongly personalized house. It features a dynamic façade, with surfaces of different texture and color over which lie the ample glazed spaces, such as generous windows and balconies. The house sits on 122 square meters and sells for about 56,000 Euros, according to the architects’ website. The ground floor is entirely dedicated to family spaces, with access to a terrace lying under a superb wooden pergola. On the first floor, three bedrooms open to the outside through large classic windows and skylights.

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The second example is a roomier house, with a total surface of 210 square meters. The two story house features a classic design, but which catches the eye thanks to the large balconies, some of them wrapping the building on two sides. A bay window downstairs adds extra shape to the complex architecture. The ground floor also packs a study, besides the living, the dining and the kitchen, while upstairs three bedrooms open to as many spacious balconies.

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The third plan describes a house on a living area of 144 square meters. The house has a modern design, supported by the overall color scheme of multiple finishes and glazed openings. The attention is drawn the circular dining room on the ground floor and the balcony above it, which together make up a tower-looking volume. The ground floor contains only the living area, while upstairs we find three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a dressing room. Turnkey price of this house varies between 73,500 and 105,000 euros depending on the finishes.

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