Spectacular Makeovers: An Old Horse Stable Becomes A small Contemporary House

We have so far seen many renovation processes, truly fascinating projects by the amazing changes they involve. This time we see how an old stable, built in the early 1900’s, has become a superb contemporary house. Seen from the outside, the changes are hard to notice, with most of the metamorphosis manifesting inside. So here is another episode of the series spectacular renovations which show old spaces coming back to life thanks to some visionary architects and designers.

According to Homedesignlover.com, the Historic Barn is a project which turned an old barn into a contemporary home. The barn was constructed in the early 1900’s which is adjacent to the old NW Pacific Railroad right-of-way. Apparently, it was once a horse stable and was also used as a garage. Aside from that, it was also occupied as a guest house but it was damaged when water burst from the pipes. Despite the damage, Mill Valley architect Heidi Richardson managed to renovate the space and turn it into something that is useful and livable.

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Part of the renovation includes a seismic upgrade, flood proofing and also a reconfiguration of the upstairs living unit that features two bedrooms and a sleeping loft. Exposed roof trusses are used for the ceiling wherein some of them needed to be replaced because of dry rot and seismic stability. The end result of the project maintains the historic exterior of the barn while updating the interior using modern living standards. A loft bedroom was also added to save space and add modern features to the interiors.

The interior features grey floorboards that are a modern take on the typical barn flooring. You will also like the feel of this space because it is very cozy because of its colors and materials used. Whimsical schoolhouse lighting is used in the home’s interior which is reminiscent of an earlier era that adds scale to the space. You can see lights suspended from its vaulted wooden ceiling which gives the interior more space. It also appears airy as well. A service cube was inserted, a solution widely met in small spaces, hosting the kitchen and the bathroom.

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