6 Fall Blooming Flowers

Fall is not just the transition time to the cold and dead season of the year, but one when nature forces its way through winds and rains, enchanting us once again with its scents and colors. We have already seen what vegetables to grow in fall, let’s now look at some fall blooming flowers which show off their colors when most of the plants prepare to lose their foliage.

Aster is the first on our list. The plant produces pretty daisy-like flowers in a range of colors and, depending on the species, are frost tolerant. Experienced gardeners recommend not to plant annual asters in the same place year after year in order to avoid diseases. Preferably plant in full sun, or partial shade in moist, well-drained soil so they last longer into the cold season.


Hosta is a decorative plant and the long, tapered, glossy leaves are so showy on this shade-lover. A great choice for ground coverage as well as mass planting, it also sports uniquely interesting flower scapes. The blooms themselves aren’t so remarkable — the usual small, airy, pale lavender flowers — but the stems are a pure, ghostly white that stands out nicely in the shade.


It goes by the name of toad lily. This easy-to-grow perennial offers unique flowers that are often compared to orchids. Many are spotted with shades of purple or blue.


Delphinium is another little demanding plant with blue flowers, peaking in late August and early September, growing well in a dry environment. Flowers can grow up to a 2 meter height at the top of the stem, with colors ranging from white, pink, red, blue and purple, depending on the climate.


Colchicum also known as the naked lady is an impressive flower, both by shape and colors, ranging from pink, violet to white. The big cup-shaped blooms appear seemingly out of nowhere in fall and create a bright show of colors. It’s a plant that does well in the sun and shade as long as the soil is well-drained.


Heleniums or Helen’s flower in some cultures are velvet-textured flowers with soft middles ringed by dazzling petals. They come in shades of orange, yellow and mahogany red and their bright-green foliage and daisy-like flowers provide a warm rush of color in mid and late summer, going through the fall.


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