Different Types of Pelargoniums. The Best Varieties for Your Garden or Balcony

Pelargonium is one of the most popular houseplants, preferred for balconies and porches due to its resistance and color diversity. Originary to South Africa, there are now more than 200 cultivars of pelargonium, grown all around the world. These different types of pelargoniums are among the most popular.

Zonal pelargoniums

Probably the most distinct variety, zonal pelargonium has round-shaped leaves and beautiful flowers at the end of long stems. Their colours vary from white, pink, orange to scarlet and dark red.

different types of pelargoniums

Different types of pelargoniums. Ivy pelargoniums

With its decorative foliage and leaning stems, the Ivy Pelargonium is the most appropriate flower for hanging baskets and raised flower boxes. It blooms all year long and the flowers are white, pink, red or purple.

different types of pelargoniums

different types of pelargoniums

Regal pelargoniums

This variety has the biggest flowers, usually twin-coloured. Their most popular blendings are: pink and white, cyclamen and pink, purple and lavender or violet and red. It grows into beautiful bushes and it’s suitable for flower pots indoors.

different types of pelargoniums

Different types of pelargoniums. Scented-leaf pelargoniums

They have smaller flowers, but their dense foliage releases a wide range of fragrances: mint, lemon, apple, roses, etc. They’re best grown in gardens, particularly around porches or patios, as they are mosquito-repellent.

different types of pelargoniums

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